Life is a Dance with the Reaper

Walking in the darkest reaches of my mind and live out the unthinkable in fiction. Imaginings on the dark side.

Author and Keeper of the Pages, Aletta Mes – born in Amsterdam, 1954, living in Vancouver, BC Canada


I’m an opinionated old crone, but I’ve bloody well earned it. I still believe in the individual’s opinions and energies having the possibility to change the world. Ripples from casting a stone in the water of time. Indifference is a sin, so I cannot in good conscience keep my mouth shut. Hopefully some will find it enjoyable, entertaining, or even enlightening, and I will try to hold to my personal standards of excellence and aesthetics.

I welcome feedback, please use the comments section or any of the blog rating systems available on this page, it helps me to know what the reader feels and thinks about the work. –aletta
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Aletta’s Atelier  –  Sparrows   –  Alettabaletta  – Tellurian Flora

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